Posted on June 21 2017

A woman’s handbag can say a lot about her.

When you see a woman with a particular style of handbag, it can speak volumes as to how she views fashion and if she is the type that will go for the “real” designer handbag or the is called a “knock-off”

Very often, if the woman is smartly dressed and the clothes she is wearing are “true-blue” designer wear, it stands to reason the handbag she is carrying is most likely as genuine as her business suit.  A well-dressed woman can be spotted and will always stand out in the crowd.  

There is a saying that goes like this, “Clothes make the man.”  It may be a little different with women, but nonetheless, even if you don’t remember her name, you are likely to remember what she was wearing.

It is known around the world that you don’t put your hands on woman’s purse unless she asks you to hand it to her for some reason or another.  A woman’s handbag will hold some things that no one will ever know she has but herself and she will not want those things exposed to the world.  Some women will never have enough handbags.  You can purchase designer handbags in the USA or you can purchase womens designer bags in the UK.  No matter where you buy them you will see the price fluctuate depending on the quality and construction of the purse.

Some people will argue that there are things that a woman’s handbag will say about your state of mind.  Women do a lot of different things with their handbags.  For instance, not all women carry their handbags the same way.  Many women prefer cross-body handbags as opposed to one the will favor a shoulder strap bag.  Then there is the classic woman who chooses to carry her purse by the strap.

Some have debated that the woman who elects to carry her purse close to her body is a woman of practicality while another who swings her purse this woman may have a spirit of functionality and be very easy going in here personality.  The type of handbag you choose to carry and what you decide to load it up with is certain to be found in the many boutiques that carry womens designer bags in the UK.

The things they carry inside their handbags have also classified females.  Granted some women’s handbags are like a bottomless pit.  It seems that everything they own is somewhere inside their purse.  They are truly befitting to the saying that they are carrying everything but the kitchen sink.

This type of woman is classified as some as a hoarder with separation anxiety, yet there are other women who are classified as a minimalist because they carry only the necessary items in their purse.  

Whatever category you may fall into you are probably very comfortable with the way you carry your purse, the style of handbag you favor, and the items you select to carry in your purse.  We can take comfort in knowing that there are many designers out there that have a purse to fit our needs and our style.

So, if you are blessed enough to be able to travel around the world for business or for pleasure and you find yourself in need or want of a new designer handbag you are certain to be able to find one to your liking somewhere in the UK.


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