Leather—It’s Not Just for Bikers

Posted on June 21 2017

Leather jackets have long been a top choice in outerwear.  They can be dressed up or down.  They can lend a feeling of elegance, a playfulness, or a bad attitude depending on how you wear them.  The versatility of leather allows designer to create jackets that can make you look and feel like a glamorous movie star, a spy, a woman with a mission, or a bad ass.  

The current trends in leather jackets puts the focus on high-quality leather, not like the cheap jackets made of something that looks like leather but is actually an oil-based product.  While they may at first glance give that leather look, they lack the same appeal, durability and quality of the real thing. Because faux leather tends to break down, spending the extra on a high quality leather jacket is an investment rather than a splurge.

The key to choosing a jacket made of high-quality leather is all about the grain, which boils down to the quality of the leather and the way the hide has been treated. Being able to choose a high-grade leather means choosing a jacket that will literally last a lifetime.  Full grain, the highest quality of leather  and most costly, will have tiny imperfection or scars in the hide and are proof that the leather hasn’t been sanded or buffed. 

Top grain, in which the “split layer” has been separated from the “top grain” layer, have a plastic-y look from light sanding which also decreases the life of the leather. Corrected grain has been heavily sanded to remove imperfections and has a dull appearance.  Finally, bonded leather, the bottom of the barrel, is made with leather scraps that have been glued together.  

Women’s designer leather jackets are moving beyond the notion that leather means cow.  Sheep skin leather has a luxuriousness and softness that cow skin simple cannot match.

When you hear someone describing leather as feeling buttery, you know they are talking about sheep skin.  Cow hide leather is extremely durable and wonderful for jackets that are going to see heavy and hard usage, but for a softer, more comfortable feel, designers are looking to sheep skin leather for a fashionable alternative.

Designers are also taking notice of the variety of colors that leather is offered in.  Black and brown are the standard colors that seem to dominate the jacket market, but designers are opting for other colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, and orange. 

The byword of the 2017 fashion scene has been bold, and nothing is more bold than a leather jacket in a brilliant hue.  

Custom sizing on women’s designer leather jackets is becoming much more popular.  As in tailored suits, leather jackets can be fitted to your body’s exact measurements, allowing for a perfect fit and for the aura you want to project to be perfectly realized.  

Finding off the rack leather jackets that fit your body type can be a difficult venture.  Custom sizing gives greater choices in styling, rather than leaving you limited by the availability of the  styles in your size.

A lesser-known leather jacket trend to watch this spring season is actually a hybrid of a shirt and jacket. It’s worn just a like regular shirt, but it features the same high-end look, style and quality of an actual leather jacket.

These hybrid leather jacket/shirts are becoming increasingly popular. They allow individuals to express their creative style in a way that was previously not seen. Best of all, they are lighter and thinner than a typical leather jacket, making them particularly attractive for the upcoming warm weather.


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